2024 Consultation Fees

• Full fee private/Medicare- $200 (Monday to Friday before 4pm)
• Full Fee private/Medicare- $210 (from 4pm weekdays & Saturday mornings)

Payment is required on the day of service
An additional $20 late payment fee is applied to a consultation fee when payment is not made on the day of service. Late payment fees also apply to telehealth appointments.

Cancellation Fees
Due to demand for this service, unfortunately clients who fail to arrive for a scheduled appointment or do not cancel by 12 noon the day prior to their appointment (Monday-Friday), will incur a cancellation fee.

Clients must notify the clinic by 12 noon Saturday if they are unable to attend an appointment scheduled for the Monday following, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged.

Cancellation fees will be charged at the full rate of the missed appointment, and we cannot guarantee a further appointment until outstanding fees are paid.

Please leave a message on our answering service if you are calling outside business hours or our phone lines are busy, to notify us of your inability to attend an appointment.


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