“Enhancing participants coping skills, self-confidence & resilience”

Driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of individuals living with disabilities, Fernhills Psychologists are passionate about supporting NDIS participants to unlock their full potential.
We recognise the importance of personalised care and fostering a supportive & nurturing environment. Offering accessible & adaptable service options which cater to the unique circumstances of each participant. We offer in-clinic face-to-face consultations, remote sessions (phone or video) as well as home visit options.


1. Evidence-based therapeutic techniques
2. Counselling & skill-building exercises
3. Tailored Support- Our psychologists are skilled in developing treatment plans that align with the specific needs, abilities and goals of each client
4. Collaboration & Coordination- Fostering effective communication and teamwork, ensuring a seamless integration of psychological support within the participants broader NDIS care plan
Currently we have 14 psychologists on our NDIS team, all providing services to Self-Managed and Plan-Managed clients under item- Individual Assessment, Therapy And/Or Training (NDIS item 15_048_0128_1_3).
For consultations under any other service item please contact our intake team to discuss your specific requirements. At this present time our psychologists choose not to provide services for NDIS-Managed funding clients.

What some of our team have said about working with NDIS clients

Our intake team are experienced in assisting clients with choosing the right psychologist to match their needs.

Please call
(03) 9758 4144 to discuss your options further.