Elizabeth Harding


Elizabeth Harding

is a registered psychologist and a Member of The Australian Psychological Society (APS).

She has experience working in a diverse range of settings and organisations, as well as in private practice. She specialises in treating a wide range of mental health disorders, issues and presentations within the private sector as well as  for authorities such as Medicare, Workcover and Victims of Crime.

She has also had previous experience as a mediator for the Department of Justice in conflict resolution as well as critical incident debriefing and trauma counselling as an EAP provider for various organisations.

Elizabeth has training and experience in a wide range of therapeutic approaches. She works with couples and individuals aged 18 years and over using various treatment modalities which are evidence based therapies and match the individual’s goals and expectations in the treatment of problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, relationship and personality difficulties, low self esteem, psychosocial issues, life transition issues, grief and trauma.